Relax and Unwind at Polzeath Beach House

A relaxing break in Cornwall is all about taking the time to unwind and get back to feeling like yourself again.

You’ll find everything you need to switch off at Polzeath Beach House. Escape the hustle and bustle as you immerse yourself in a world of tranquility and rejuvenation. Connecting you with wellness experts and local facilities, alongside luxurious accommodations with a variety of wellness experiences tailored to rejuvenate mind, body, and soul.

Cornwall has, and always will be, a place for people to breathe. A place where the stresses and strains of daily life can be forgotten, just for a moment, to be replaced with a serenity that we all need from time to time. Here at Polzeath Beach House, we advocate for our guests to have the time they deserve to relax and feel refreshed after a stay with us. Embarking on a spa break in Cornwall with us will be sure to get you on the road to rejuvenation. 

Beach Yoga

Scientifically proven to reduce stress, Yoga is a great way to get back to your body and out of your mind. At Polzeath Beach House, we offer intimate yoga classes for up to four people. An opportunity to stretch out and breathe with the guidance of one of our experienced instructors. A perfect addition to any spa break in Cornwall, participating in a yoga class during your stay is bound to leave you feeling grounded once more. 


Book your morning yoga session with Wavehunters, designed for all levels, find a moment of bliss with a calming, shoreside yoga session that promises a breath of fresh air. Open for private bookings all year round. If you book directly with our reception team, you will receive our exclusive, Polzeath Beach House discount! Please speak to reception directly or call on: 01208 510029

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Sea Swimming

Sea swimming is a wonderful way to keep fit while relieving stress and boosting your mood.  The minerals in the water even help your skin!  Open water swimming, also known as wild swimming, is increasingly popular as people discover its health and well-being benefits.  And where better to go sea swimming than Cornwall, with its 422 miles of beautiful coastline?


A spa break in Cornwall could not be complete without getting salty and refreshed in the Atlantic Ocean. Open-water swimming for long or short periods of time is one of the best ways to regulate your nervous system and get you back in tune with your body. Cold-water swimming became exceptionally popular during the pandemic thanks to these very benefits. Even if the cold water part doesn’t sound too appealing, a refreshing dip during the summer months is equally as important. 

Spa Treatments

Here at Polzeath Beach House, we offer a range of spa treatments, to complete your spa break in Cornwall, in style. Working in partnership with The Wellness Concierge, if you’re hoping to bring the spa to you, you can book a range of treatments, from massages and facials to getting your nails done. Subject to availability.


The Wellness Concierge will provide just what you need to feel fresh and invigorated, ready to start your holiday. They can also offer a selection of packages, like a Hot Stone Massage and Gua Sha facial. 

Saunas by the Sea

With wellness at the core of sauna culture, our partners at Saunas By The Sea have created an authentic experience by the Cornish Sea. Located just around the corner from Polzeath Beach House at Baby Bay, discover the perfect balance between rejuvenating sea swims and the enveloped heat of the sauna.


Single bookings are available daily, a maximum of 7 slots are available during these times. Daily group bookings are also available, the price is per pod and can be shared by up to 10 guests. If you book directly with our reception team, you will receive our exclusive, Polzeath Beach House discount! Please speak to reception directly or call on: 01208 510029

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Sunrise Walk

There’s something magical about witnessing the first light of day while walking along the beach. At Polzeath Beach House, guests have the unique opportunity to start their day with a serene and mindful sunrise beach walk. With the glorious Atlantic Ocean on our doorstep, This simple activity offers numerous benefits for the mind, body, and soul. Set your alarm a little earlier and experience the beauty of a sunrise beach walk during your stay.

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Looking after our guests is our number one priority, and we want it to be yours too. Exploring all these tips and tricks to help maintain mental wellbeing is important, that is why we are always on hand to help. A spa break in Cornwall, when staying at Polzeath Beach House, is a chance for you to escape the grind for a little while. And what better way to do that than right on the beach, overlooking the ocean. From your balcony you can take a deep breath of fresh sea air every morning, so you are ready to take on the day.

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