5 ways to unwind, with an unmissable spa break in Cornwall

A spa break in Cornwall is all about taking the time to unwind, and get back to feeling like yourself again.

Cornwall has, and always will be, a place for people to breathe. A place where the stresses and strains of daily life can be forgotten, just for a moment, to be replaced with a serenity that we all need from time to time. Here at Polzeath Beach House, we advocate for our guests to have the time they deserve to relax and feel refreshed after a stay with us. Embarking on a spa break in Cornwall with us will be sure to get you on the road to rejuvenation. 

Wellness has become somewhat of a trend in recent years. An increase in spa breaks in Cornwall is proof of this. Which is never a bad thing. We believe that it’s important to have time away from work. To give yourself a chance to maintain your physical and mental wellbeing as much as possible. Enjoying activities like meditation classes, yoga, walks on the beach, sea swims and spa treatments will get you well on your way to feeling like you again. 


Walking on the beach


Locals in Cornwall understand the importance of a stroll along the beach. Being beside water for even 30 minutes is proven to reduce stress. The calming effects of the turning tides have been improving the mindset of locals for generations. That is why we encourage our guests to do the same. A spa break in Cornwall doesn’t just have to include a massage treatment. The outcome of a spa break is to get back to feeling like you. No matter if you sit on the beach with a cup of tea, or embark on an afternoon coastal hike, the outcome will be the same. You will feel refreshed. Calm. More intune to how you feel and what you need. We think this is the best way to start any spa break in Cornwall. Taking the time to reset your body clock before exploring all that Polzeath Beach House, and the surrounding areas, have to offer. 





Scientifically proven to reduce stress, Yoga is a great way to get back to your body and out of your mind. At Polzeath Beach House, we offer intimate yoga classes for up to four people. An opportunity to stretch out and breathe with the guidance of one of our experienced instructors. A perfect addition to any spa break in Cornwall, participating in a yoga class during your stay is bound to leave you feeling grounded once more. 



Sea Swimming


A spa break in Cornwall could not be complete without a daring sea swim. Open water swimming for long or short periods of time is one of the best ways to regulate your nervous system and get you back in tune with your body. Cold-water swimming became exceptionally popular during the Pandemic thanks to these very benefits. Even if the cold water part doesn’t sound too appealing, a refreshing dip during the summer months is equally as important. 





We understand that traditional meditation isn’t for everyone. But being mindful in daily life is something we advocate for. This can come in many forms. Being mindful can look like listening to a podcast whilst walking along the beach, to sitting silently with your thoughts for even the briefest of moments. Taking time out of your day to check in with yourself, to question how your body feels, and how your mind feels, is essential to living in the present moment. A spa break in Cornwall is a chance for you to stop worrying about life back at home, and instead focus on what’s happening right in front of you. To step out of the mundane into the mindful. 



Spa treatments


Here at Polzeath Beach House, we offer a range of spa treatments, to complete your spa break in Cornwall, in style. Working in partnership with The Wellness Concierge, if you’re hoping to bring the spa to you, you can book a range of  treatments, from massages and facials, to getting your nails done. Subject to availability, The Wellness Concierge will provide just what you need to feel fresh and invigorated, ready to start your holiday. They can also offer a selection of packages, like a Hot Stone Massage and Gua Sha facial. 



Looking after our guests is our number one priority, and we want it to be yours too. Exploring all these tips and tricks to help maintain mental wellbeing is important, that is why we are always on hand to help. A spa break in Cornwall, when staying at Polzeath Beach House, is a chance for you to escape the grind for a little while. And what better way to do that than right on the beach, overlooking the ocean. From your balcony you can take a deep breath of fresh sea air every morning, so you are ready to take on the day. We have a range of winter offers that are still up for grabs. There is a one night stay for two, for £130. A three night stay for two hotel rooms. And five nights for four apartments. What better way to kick off the new year!

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